A free (so far) trade board for free trade

Free trade leads B2B

The problem with those trade boards  is that most of them or all of them charge subscription fees for access. Even the BBS sites. They want money upfront while promising some results in undefined future. Since there are quite many of them, some with extremely complicated layout and organization, subscribing to all of them is either impractical or impossible. The few major classifieds B2B sites of that nature are dominated by users from a certain country, but we won’t name names. Free trade leads B2B classifieds? Are they real?

Dealing Monster – is an alternative platform, whether it will charge money down the road is an open question. But it is a startup opportunity to either get a free subscription or just start posting your free B2B leads right away.

Free trade leads B2B
Free trade leads B2B – some ideas about posting ads

B2B is a vague term though. Many of those sites are platforms for trade leads, not conventional B2B portals. Even when they mislabel themselves as such.

B2B ecommerce, also known as business-to-business electronic commerce, refers to online order transactions between businesses. With trade leads sites those transactions rarely happen online – at least not on that very website. People obtain trade leads, pay for them and do their business offline. Trade leads are often like ordinary classified ads.  So what, free trade leads B2B classifieds.

With a conventional B2B platform customer orders are processed digitally. Supposedly buying efficiency is improved for dealers, agents, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and other types of B2B marketplace participants. That’s how the theory goes. The practice is that large corporations rarely deal on trade leads boards. These are online environments where secondary deal makers and dealers connect. That’s why the Dealing Monster seems such a good idea. Hopping on board now makes sense, because as long as those trade leads remain free, the website itself will become a valuable online resource. Free trade leads B2B classifieds – appear as a possibility.  Or at least one can hope that it will become such a resource because now it is apparently at the startup stage, but that’s another reason to join it early on.

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