Diesel Fuel FOB sale with CIF options.

Diesel Fuel FOB ULSD – for Sale at FOB St. Petersburg. A client of the Russian Commerce Agency, a major corporation, currently offers diesel fuel for sale at FOB St. Petersburg terms. There are no intermediaries. Fuel is ULSD. Diesel fuel sale FOB. This is the top grade of diesel fuel, sellable in and admissible to the most demanding markets. The price is Platts, minus a discount, and you should contact us for details and further referrals. Large quantity is available but you can arrange for purchasing a smaller quantity as well. Normally, a tanker shipment starts at 10,000 MT at the port.

We had published the same ad online with the Dealing Monster . We advise you use the same platform for your international classified ads requirements though with the diesel fuel you can contact us directly. The diesel fuel is not exactly in St. Petersburg but at Primorsk, a fuel terminal port and a cluster of tank farms near St. Petersburg.

Diesel Fuel FOB

Diesel Fuel FOB. Other types of diesel fuel are also available.

Diesel fuel ULSD at FOB St Petersburg or Primorsk for export
diesel fuel ULSD

Now, just in case, even in Russia itself not everyone is aware of what is ULSD and what’s all the hype about it. ULSD is now principal truck fuel and international tanker trade reflects that. Not all know what is ULSD though. After all, ULSD is a North American, more precisely a US term. The site of the Alaska state government, its Department of Air Quality, has a comprehensive explanation of the ULSD. Though we are concerned with diesel fuel sale FOB.

Diesel Fuel FOB. What is ULSD

This is Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (fuel) or Ulra Low Sulphur Diesel (in British English) or ultra-low-sulfur diesel. It refers to diesel fuel with a maximum sulfur content of 15 parts per million (ppm). Generally speaking, all diesel fuel sold in the EU is also technically ULSD. Older vehicles may need additives to run properly since in certain markets only ULSD is now available.

If you or your client are interested in securing a reliable supply of ULSD (Diesel fuel sale FOB) or other types of diesel fuel at attractive market prices from a reputable supplier, please contact us.

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