Silica Sand Quarry


A silica sand quarry or a quartz sand quarry for sale in the St. Petersburg region (Leningrad region, Leningradskaïä oblast’).  

Silica Sand

Silica sand is also known as quartz sand as well as industrial sand. It is commonly used in the manufacture of glass and other industrial applications. The offer pertains to the usage rights for a silica sand quarry (or a quartz sand) quarry with a surface area of some 543000 square meters or just under 60 hectares). The license is to be used for A usage fee of about ₽135 (135 roubles) per annum, which approximately equals €1.5 (150 euro cents) will be payable to the budget through the Federal Agency for Mineral Resources, a regulatory entity under the Ministry of the Natural Resources and Environment.

This amount is approximately based upon conditions of a grant for the long term license for mineral extraction as to be issued to the quarry’s operators.

A silica sand quarry for sale in the St. Petersburg region (Leningrad region, Leningradskaïä oblast’).  

silica sand, Silica sand or quartz sand or industrial sand for glass manufacture
silica sand or quartz sand (an illustration)

Estimated Reserves.

Declared available estimated reserves of the quarry stand at 4.5 million square meters of silica sands or 8.1 million tons (tonnes) of silica sands under the GOST 22551-7 (Quartz sand, ground sandstone, quartzite, and veiny quartz for glass industry). Here the term quartz sand or sands (in plural) is to be understood synonymously with the term silica sand as well as industrial sand. The grade of the extracted silica sand (quartz sand) is perfectly suitable for the manufacture of glass, from bottle glass to other types of glass that can be made from the sand mined at the quarry.   Namely, the classification is C 1 and 2 as assigned states that this quartz sand or silica is suitable for the manufacture of transparent glass.

silica sand quarry and silica sand

Silica or Quartz Content

The average topsoil siliceous earth content of Si02 is according to three samples. These are unrefined uncleaned soil samples taken from three locations at the site.  

  1. 64.42% according to the chemical test of the at the deposit.
  2. 74.61% according to the chemical test of the at the deposit.
  3. 92.21% according to the chemical test of the at the deposit.

Conclusion – Quartz Sand Deposits

Quarry, water in the quartz sand quary

Because the quarry is large, it can also mine and sell construction-grade as well as commercial sand. The government-assigned official classification sand pat the quarry (according to the Federal Agency for Mineral Resources) is “glass sand” or “quartz sand for the production of glass. Consequently, it is perfectly suitable for glass production.

Quartz sand mined at the quarry can be transported to a remote glass-making facility or a glass-making plant can be buiilt in the vicinity. This opportunity represents a plethora of possibilities.

In case of interest, please contact us via the feedback form. A non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreement (NDNC)  agreement would have to be signed with the Party brokering the transaction.

The said Party is exceptionally well-connected and experienced in mineral resources especially in the sand production area and so will ensure that the grant of license procedure and the transaction itself goes through smoothly and without any hindrances or delays.

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Simplified Synopsys:

Please skip reading this because this is just an outline of the text above in a simplfied form. Really. So if what you’ve just read is clear enough you don’t have to read beyond this point.

If not then here is the deal. If either you or your client are looking for silica sand or quartz sand, then this offer is for you. Silica sand and quartz sand is the same thing. Both are sometimes called industrial sands. But only in North American usage.

Because a whole quarry area or a production district is up for sale, this opportunity is also unique. It means that not many opportunities like this exist in the region or elsewhere. In fact, presently none at this scale as far as we know. As a result, the possibilities here are almost endless. Provided you represent the right kind of industrial client or have a need for quartz sand.

And the cost of the product per measurement unit is execptionally low. You’d obtain quartz sand pretty much at the cost of mining lowest grade construction sand. But because obtaining a resource at this scale used to be difficult, such offers rare come up. As a result not many complete production districts are offered for development to the outsiders. Most are inside jobs and inside deals. But here the regional government is interested in getting a qualified party to step in. The party that stands behind the offer is not just well-connected but exceptioanlly motivated. Because they want someone to come in and develop this resource. If you are interested or if you represent someone who may be interested in it, then get in touch with us.



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