Buy Cathode Copper – a trade lead

Buy cathode copper. We have a client looking for cathode copper or copper cathodes from the Russian Federation or, under some circumstances, Kazakhstan. The material must be offered at FOB terms. The preferred location is FOB Novorossiisk (Novorossiysk, Novorossijsk) or FOB St. Petersburg.

Buy Cathode Copper - a trade lead

The Background.

Buy Cathode Copper- This story has not been an easy one and we might have begun to lose the plot. We have three separate industrial clients wishing to buy copper cathode from Russia. Well, under certain circumstances they would consider buying cathode copper from Kazakhstan. But provided the stuff is genuine and the source is verifiable. And that’s rarely the case. Obviously, here in Russia or pretty much elsewhere in the former Soviet Union we can quickly verify if an offer is genuine or not.

Additional Sources?

Buy Cathode Copper. But the buyers are open-minded and patient. They just want to buy cathode copper. Or copper wire or copper cathodes. If you’ve got cathode copper, they’d consider it. More than that, they’d buy from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, other reputable South American sources, and South Africa. But there is a catch. They only want to buy from an actual copper processor or smelter. And that’s became something of a stumbling block.

Buy copper cathodes.

Bogus Suppliers

That has become something of a problem. For a while, we’ve drowned in offers to supply cathode copper or copper cathodes. Offers from obviously clueless individuals who claimed to have secured a supply of copper cathodes from Uzbekistan (if an equivalent of a bribe is to be paid upfront), the Democratic Republic of Congo (no travel necessary), and similar sources. There were also quite a few would-be suppliers of cathode copper from China. But these purveyors, most of whom seem to dwell in Alibaba’s cave, pledge to supply cathode copper at ridiculously low prices. Sometimes at a 50% discount off the LME price. We believe it is not realistic. So we don’t bother, that means we advise our clients not to.

What is needed?

Copper cathodes, cathode copper in any reasonable quantities and shapes. That is copper sheets (copper in sheets), rolled copper, copper wire, ingots. But copper sheets are preferred. Though this is not the principal characteristic. Copper must be certified. That means if you want to sell copper you’d need to provide a recent certificate of quality first. And an assay survey or a chemical certificate. Obviously, copper must be made to some standard or be compliant with it. For Russian or CIS suppliers that would most likely be GOST 546-2001 or later.

How much?

Any quantity of copper cathodes or cathode copper would be considered. No minimums. That is even one container would be all right. On the other hand, the Buyers would prefer to sign a long term contract. A contract for 12 months with monthly deliveries of anything from 1000 MT and upward is the target. But, again, smaller quantities and spot contracts would do as well. The maximum quantity? Let’s not discuss the maximum quantity but 5000 MT per month could be handled provided there is an actual source of supply.

Other considerations.

Buy Cathode Copper. As you well know the price of copper (including cathode copper) has been fluctuating madly and the prevailing trend is upwards. But that’s been the case with all non-ferrous metals.

If you have real cathode copper to sell or know someone who does, then please contact us.

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