Bank for sale in Germany

Bank for sale in Germany

Bank for sale in Germany.

Bank for sale in Germany.

BaFin Regulated Fully Licensed German Bank For Sale
Commercial Banks, Savings Banks – Germany

  • Setting up a Bank in Germany, one of Western Europe’s principal financial hubs
  • Regulated by the Deutsche Bundesbank (German Central Bank) and the Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht BaFin) which supervises 2,700 banks and 800 financial institutions.
  • Extremely low to zero possibility of Deutsche Bundesbank and BaFin approving any new banking license applications at this time.
  • Be part of the European Union financial network, sell financial products and services in 27 member states

Asking price €45,000,000 (EUR)

Bank for sale in Germany: a Bank with a history

  1. The bank was established more than 60 years ago.
  2. Full licensed allow the bank to offer a full suite of products and services covering regulated financial activities such as deposit-taking, securities dealing, assets management, e-money/credit card services etc.., without the need to apply for new permissions.
  3. Access to global multi-currency correspondent clearing network.
  4. Robust Core Banking/IT systems with all relevant procedures/policies are in place.
  5. The bank has all the relevant staffs in place and in accordance to BaFin requirements.
  6. There are no other branches except one office on short-term lease with all the requirements to operate as a bank in place.
  7. The bank has a clean client record with no open or unresolved legal issues.
  8. With some structuring, Asian clients can be onboarded to the bank.
  9. The bank is in line with Basel III requirements with Tier 1 capital at EUR7.9 million as of 31st December 2019.
  10. Purchase is for a majority stake >95% of the holdings.
  11. Purchase price includes the recommended capital injection.

Bank for sale in Germany


Deustche Bank

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