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Russian Commerce Agency – your contacts in Russia. Find Contacts and Opportunities. Find new partners and trade leads.

We offer several products from the Russian Federation as well as facilitate trade transactions with Russian companies. We’ll be happy to assist you with all your trade and commercial needs in Russia. We also run a free trade exchange board.

Russia is not a small country, and that’s why so must have a geographical focus. For us, this geographical focus is the Northwest, namely St. Petersburg and the regions adjacent to it. But we have connections in other parts of the country as well and can do things few others can. Like we can verify if your would-be supplier is genuine or whether the company you are trying to work with is credible.

We may be somewhat picky when it comes to those we whom we deal with but that’s an additional advantage for the right individual or company.

Marcelius engraving 1725 St. Petersburg, Find Contacts and Opportunities
Find Contacts and Opportunities

Just a sampler.

Copper and export of cathode copper or copper cathodes

Finished and semi-finished wood products

Sawn lumber from the Russian North and Northwest

We have a client looking for a direct distributor overseas – and not an intermediary — to distribute sawn birch boards.

High yield opportunities in local commercial real estate.

Poultry (regular chicken, halal, as well as chicken certified for export to the People’s Republic of China and Vietnam)

Sweet water fish (river caught fish) frozen fish

We have clients looking for partnerships in developing freshwater fish processing facilities with confirmed export sales contracts covering the project’s duration until it reaches the stage of profitability. We have clients looking for partners in wood processing ventures and the small-scale food industry.

Find contacts and opportunities.

There are huge opportunities in the smaller scale real estate sector. Return on investment is relatively high. In fact, the return on investment is so high that offsets the currency risks. We work with a company that develops speculative niches of real estate in the St. Petersburg market and believe that if one could find a way to bring in investors, then everyone would benefit. These investors don’t have to be big companies or investment banks. This is an opportunity worth discussing and approaching for the right individual.

We are an informal multilingual team of dedicated and passionate professionals with expertise in foreign commerce, export, and import, corporate law, and governance. We either have connections on our own or know someone with just the right connections.

So. Find contacts and opportunities. There are here. You may also consider posting your own ad for free on an outside board that we wrote about.

We are discreet, trustworthy, and, what matters most, we know what we do.

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